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Published on March 19th, 2013 | by Stephen Abad


Grey Hair Gone Wild!


So those grey hairs have snuck in and you’ve made the courageous decision to go au natural? Problem is your hair isn’t as lush as it once was and now you feel as though you’re channeling the wild child of Gandalf and Hagrid rather than the sexy beast that you are!

A glorious head of grey hair speaks volumes…it’s bold and confident but you want to be noticed for all of the right reasons. Dry, coarse, damaged hair is a common problem of mature hair due to the reduction of natural oils and years of over processing. So to get back that shiny, smooth texture that will elevate your look and bring sexy back, you’ll want to try a KERATIN treatment!

These treatments alter the structure of the hair shaft infusing it with keratin — our body’s protein-based building blocks — to reduce dryness, frizz and unruly waves, resulting in a noticeably shinier, smoother and more manageable head of hair. They can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on the product you choose. And choices are varied depending on your budget and time!

There are new and innovative products out there that not only leave your hair healthier looking but are also safer to use. You won’t have to settle for formaldehyde-laced products any longer and processing times have greatly improved — no need to block off an entire day and you won’t have to barricade yourself at home with the previous 3 day, no wash stipulation. You’ll be ready to step out in 24 hours!

So go ahead and get wild just don’t let your hair join the party!

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